Jessica sits in a family member's apartment in Queens. An undocumented trans woman, Jessica was arrested on prostitution charges in July. The charges were dismissed but she fears the arrest could impede her path to legal immigration status. Photo: Scott Heins for Documented

Surge in Prostitution Related Loitering Charges Affects Undocumented Immigrants

Loitering arrests have gone up more than 180 percent in the first ten months of 2018.

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Early Arrival: 5-Year Immigration Detention in Batavia Raises Constitutional Concerns

Wednesday's edition of Early Arrival: Ongoing Government Shutdown Affects New York Immigration Cases — The Immigration Consequences of Marijuana — Census 2020, Trump mocks going to court dates, Gillibrand Running, Hardliner Barr

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In ICE’s Arsenal: Cannabis Convictions

For immigrants, including those who came to the US legally, even a misdemeanor can trigger the harshest possible consequences

Thousands of Immigration Cases Are on Hold Due to the Government Shutdown

The budget impasse over Trump’s wall may create a crisis in the nation’s immigration courts