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IDNYC Card: What It Is, How to Apply and Its Benefits

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In the last few weeks, we have received a large number of questions and concerns related to the IDNYC identification card. Here we explain what it is, how to get it, and what the benefits are.

Who has the right to request an IDNYC card?

All New York City residents, ages 10 and up, and regardless of immigration status, can apply for a Government-issued IDNYC card. This identification program, launched in 2015, is the largest and most successful in the country.

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How to get your ID card?

A person of at least 14 years old can begin their application by scheduling an appointment online and then complete their application in person at an IDNYC Enrollment Center. If you want to request an appointment online, please click on this link.

To request your IDNYC card, you need to present proof of identity and residency in New York City. Although many documents are accepted, you can find the list of requirements in the Document Calculator.

The IDNYC card is free and valid for five years from the date the application is approved for people 16 years of age or older, and two years for applicants under 16. The application consists of 25 languages, and it is accessible for people with disabilities.

Applicants ages 10-13 who require a caregiver can also schedule an appointment at an Enrollment Center.

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IDNYC Identification Card Renewal Process

At the time of your card renewal, check your card’s expiration date to know when you should renew it. The expiration date is located at the bottom of the front of your card.

You can renew your card up to 90 days before it expires, or up to 1 year after it expires. You could renew your ID card through the IDNYC online portal. If your card expired more than 1 year ago you will need to order a new card at an IDNYC enrollment center.

There are two ways to renew an ID card, online or in person. To renew online, visit the online

portal and start your application. To renew in person, you can make an online appointment to visit an enrollment center or call 311.

When making your appointment online, you will update most of the information on your card, including your address and gender designation. It is possible that, when changing your address, the applicant needs to send scanned residency documents. When it comes to changing your height, eye color, and even your name, you can start your renewal on the online portal and then make the changes in person at an enrollment center.

Where are the enrollment centers located?

Due to Covid-19, the IDNYC Enrollment Centers’ services are only available by appointment and offered on a limited basis. To schedule an appointment, visit the IDNYC online portal and click “make an appointment.” Then click on the enrollment centers to find the one closest to you. 

Benefits of the IDNYC

Your IDNYC identification card is an accepted and secure form of identification.  It allows access to city services, such as opening a bank account at selected financial institutions, entering buildings, such as schools, and can be presented as proof of identification to interact with the police.

The IDNYC identification card can be used as a library card in the New York, Brooklyn, and Queens public library systems. To use your ID card at the library, come to your branch and ask to connect your ID card or sign up for a new account and you will use your ID card as a library card.

Also, many additional benefits are available, such as obtaining free or low-cost tickets to more than 50 museums, botanical gardens, and zoos in the city. In order to see all the additional benefits, you can click on this link.

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