The immigrant women are prepared to continue the strike after the legislative session if the bill does not pass.
From left: Veronica Leal, Maria Isabel Sierra Mosso and Santa Arias pose in front of a sign on Thompson Street in Manhattan during a hunger strike for excluded workers.

Meet the Immigrant Women on Hunger Strike for Pandemic Relief

Undocumented workers still aren't eligible for pandemic relief, so some have decided to stop eating to get Albany's attention

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Report: ICE Disregarding Detention and Deportation Priorities

A report from an advocacy group shows ICE hasn’t been following a Biden administration shift in detention and deportation priorities.

New Jersey Approves Fund for Undocumented Immigrants and Excluded Workers

Undocumented immigrants and excluded workers will receive $40 million of the state’s $275 million economic relief package.

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Moratoria de desalojos de Nueva York se extendió hasta el 31 de agosto

Las protecciones como la moratoria de desalojos fueron extendidas para evitar que personas afectadas por la pandemia terminen en la calle. Acá lo que tienes que saber sobre esta noticia.