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Immigration News Today: House GOP Releases Sweeping Immigration Bill

Just have a minute? Here are the top stories you need to know about immigration.

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New York

Immigrant workers lead longest strike in U.S. against oil company owned by billionaire Catsimatidis: 
Tuesday, April 18, marked two years of an ongoing worker-led strike at United Metro, an oil company owned by billionaire and former mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis. — Documented | share  

Chinatown Association president and community leaders deny ‘secret police station’ allegations:

The FBI has arrested two Chinese agents allegedly tied to a secret police station in NYC the Chinese government used to keep tabs on dissidents. — Documented

Around the U.S.

Where immigrants come from and where they go after reaching the U.S.: 
Mexicans represent the largest group of immigrants living in the U.S. today — a shift from decades ago when the largest groups of immigrants were Italians, Germans and Canadians. — CNN | share

‘He feels unstoppable’ — DeSantis plans to export his chilling immigration policies to the nation: 
Florida advocates say the governor is pushing hardline legislation that would reflect his priorities and potential policies if he were elected president. — The Guardian | share  

Washington D.C.

House Republicans release 137-page sweeping immigration bill: 
Disagreement among House Republicans over border security could pose hurdles to the immigration bill’s advancement, and it’s unlikely to gain traction in the Democratic-controlled Senate. — Roll Call | share

Senior Democrat urges executive action on immigration: 
New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez made his recommendations public, reflecting his increasing frustration with Biden’s failure to fulfill his immigration promises. — The New York Times | share

GOP lawmakers worry language on asylum in bill is too strong: 
Many moderate Republicans have expressed their frustrations about the border security bill’s language on asylum, saying it could alienate voters. — Politico | share

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