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Guard at ICE Jail Dangerously Kneels on Detainee’s Back

Detainees say a guard at an immigration jail in Virginia knelt on the upper back of a man who was already bleeding from his head.

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A guard at an immigration jail in Virginia knelt on the upper back of a man who was already bleeding from his head, according to two detained men who said they saw the incident. “It was like seeing George Floyd all over again,” one detainee told The Daily Beast. The incident happened when a guard was trying to make an announcement about coronavirus to the detainees, who weren’t paying attention, three detainees say. When her superior came over and told the detainees to listen, Carlos Rivas Monsano shouted “no.” “We’re tired of all the politics that happen here, it’s bullshit,” Rivas added. Several guards jumped on Rivas when he refused an order to stand, when the incident happened. The Daily Beast

In other national immigration news…

ICE Flew Fewer Detainees from Yakima Airport This Year

ICE is flying fewer detainees in and out of Washington state on charter flights this year compared to last year, according to the Yakima Herald-Republic. From January through July 20, 28 flights chartered through Swift Air have flown in and out of the Yakima Air Terminal at McAllister Field. At least 169 detainees have deplaned and were taken to the Northwest Detention Center, while about 1,029 arrived from the center to board planes. Meanwhile, from May through November 2019, more than 2,850 people were transported to or from the airport, according to the Yakima Immigrant Response Network. The Associated Press

ICE Moves Guatemalan Teenage Girl Across State Lines Without Informing her Lawyers

A Guatemalan teenage girl staying at a McAllen, Texas, hotel was moved at midnight May 15 to another city hundreds of miles away. Her attorneys had to chase after her to stop her deportation, and say they weren’t notified of her impending move. The teenager arrived at the Mexican border in July 2019, requested asylum, and was placed in the Remain in Mexico program. But she didn’t know she actually had to attend her hearing, so she returned to Guatemala and missed her hearing. She was placed in deportation proceedings, which kicked in when the girl later returned to the U.S. KRGV

DHS Compiles Reports on Journalists

The Department of Homeland Security has compiled “intelligence reports” about journalists who covered protests in Portland, Oregon, The Washington Post reports. Three Open Source Intelligence Reports were disseminated by the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, in which they summarized tweets written by a New York Times journalist Mike Baker and the editor-in-chief of the Lawfare blog Benjamin Wittes. Neither of them had published leaked documents about DHS’s actions in Portland. These intelligence reports are traditionally used for sharing analysis with other law enforcement agencies. DHS said they were produced according to established rules. The Washington Post

Latinos Hardest Hit by COVID-19 in Texas

The coronavirus has disproportionately affected the Latino community in Texas, according to data released by state health officials. Latinos make up 40 percent of the state’s population, but 48 percent of the state’s 6,190 confirmed COVID-19 deaths, the data revealed. In Harris County, which includes Houston, a disproportionate number of the people who required hospital care were Hispanic. One of the city’s largest hospitals said that emergency room visits were also higher among Hispanics, indicating they may be waiting longer to seek care. ProPublica/Texas Tribune/NBC News

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