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Trump Trashes Biden Immigration Plan

President Trump's immigration crackdowns largely build on Obama and Biden's legacy, but he still has attacked Biden's centrist plans as 'extreme'

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At a Tuesday campaign appearance in Yuma, Arizona, President Trump recounted all of the ways he dismantled the American immigration system during his four years in office. The president painted a potential Joe Biden presidency as potentially ruinous for the country. “Biden’s plan is the most radical, extreme, reckless, dangerous and deadly immigration plan ever put forward by a major party candidate,” he said. Biden’s views on immigration are centrist in the Democrat party, as he believes crossing the border illegally should be prosecuted as a crime and ICE should not be abolished. The president also returned to a familiar and incorrect refrain during the event, saying Mexico will pay for his border wall. Associated Press

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How Both Candidates’ Immigration Plans Stack Up

Trump has used more than 400 executive actions to dismantle the immigration system over the past four years. During the coronavirus era, he has effectively shut down all immigration to the U.S. In many ways, Trump simply built upon the legacy of former President Barack Obama and Biden’s work in the White House, but now the president is saying Biden’s policies are far left. Far from radical, Biden’s immigration plans echo former Obama’s, with less of a focus on enforcement. The Los Angeles Times broke down both candidate’s ideas. Los Angeles Times

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