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Teenager Arrested at Hospital Now Facing Deportation

A undocumented girl who has lived almost her entire life in the U.S. was arrested by Customs and Border Protection after getting surgery at a Texas hospital

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A teenage girl who has lived almost her entire life in the U.S. was arrested by Customs and Border Protection at a hospital in Texas and is now facing deportation. The Mexican-born 15-year-old went to a hospital in Edinburg, Texas, with her aunt last week after experiencing gallbladder-related pain, according to her attorney Sarah Valdes. She was referred for surgery at another hospital in San Antonio, but was stopped at a CBP checkpoint on the way there. She and her aunt are both undocumented. CBP agents took the aunt back to the Edinburg hospital and arrested her there. The teenager was escorted to the San Antonio hospital where she completed the surgery. The agents kept guard and arrested her after it was complete. CBS News

In other national immigration news…

New Cases Confirmed at Adelanto ICE Processing Center 

There were 81 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the Adelanto ICE Processing Center in San Bernardino County as of Friday, the Desert Sun reports, where “over 30” cases were reported ten days ago. This means more than a tenth of the 784 people held in the immigration jail have tested positive. Private prison company GEO Group runs the facility. Gabriel Valdez, assistant field office director of ICE’s local enforcement and removal operations, said the whole facility is under quarantine. On Sunday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill that requires private prison operators to comply with certain standards of care amid the pandemic. Desert Sun

ACLU Lawyer Discusses ICE’s Medical Care

Immigration jails in the southern U.S. have forced particularly harsh conditions on immigrants, Eunice Cho, senior staff attorney at the A.C.L.U’s National Prison Project, said. Cho authored a report on ICE immigration jails across the south and spoke to The New Yorker in the wake of allegations of forced hysterectomies at the Irwin County Jail in Georgia. Cho found that people in those facilities can go months without proper medical care for life threatening conditions. Medical care in most ICE detention centers is subpar due to “under-staffing, lack of responsiveness to people with chronic-care issues,” Cho explained. The New Yorker

Protesters Push for Massachusetts to Pass Driver’s License Legislation

Protesters gathered at the Massachusetts State House on Saturday to call for the passage of legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants in the state to get driver’s licenses. Several states across the country, including, recently, New York, have passed legislation advocates argue protects immigrants who could end up on a path to deportation if they are pulled over for driving without a license. Republican Gov. Charlie Baker opposes the measure on the grounds that it is unclear how you would verify an undocumented immigrant’s identity. Protestors argued a license bill would also slow the spread of COVID-19 by allowing people to drive instead of taking public transport. Associated Press

Cities with Large Latino Populations Hit Hard by Pandemic

Santa Ana and Anaheim — the two largest cities in California’s Orange County with huge Latino communities – have seen double the positive coronavirus test rates when compared to the countywide rate. Orange County has a 3.1% rate, while Santa Ana is at 8.5% and Anaheim is at 4.8%. A month ago, while Orange County was at 6%, Santa Ana and Anaheim were roughly between 15% and 19%. Anaheim is 56% Latino, and Santa Ana 77%. The trend is in line with the nationwide statistics that indicate Latinos have been hardest hit by the pandemic. The Los Angeles Times

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