Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese truck drivers have been overworking to deliver essential goods on deadline, often exceeding their 11 hour on-the-road driving limits.
Don Wong stands in front of his Kenworth truck. Image by Kayla Hui. [USA, 2020]

Chinese Truck Drivers Face Extra Barriers Finding Mental Health Care

The pandemic has increased driving hours for Chinese truck drivers, who face extra challenges of cultural stigma around mental health

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Medi-Cal Expanded for Older Undocumented Immigrants

Plus: Texas orders National Guard to help with border arrests, Border Patrol considers closing interior checkpoints

How to Apply for a Street Vendor Permit and License in New York City

The rules for selling merchandise and food in the streets of New York City can be confusing. Here is an explanation of the vending licenses and permits needed to conduct business in the streets.