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How Will Harris Handle the Border Influx?

Vice President Kamala Harris is getting briefings on the Northern Triangle and Latin America and will speak with the region's leaders.

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President Joe Biden recently assigned Vice President Kamala Harris to take over the influx of migrants arriving at the border. Immigrant advocates and other confidantes are optimistic that she could bring a rare perspective and experience to the table. Senior administration officials meanwhile insist Harris isn’t in charge of the administration’s overall immigration agenda or border situation. But Symone Sanders, Harris’ senior advisor and chief spokesperson, informed reporters that Harris was provided an “extensive briefing on the Northern Triangle and Latin America” and plans to “speak with leaders from the region in the near future.” Politico 

Biden Won’t Let Border Distract From Infrastructure Plans

Biden plans to continue with his schedule of passing an infrastructure and climate package instead of prioritizing two mass shootings and the growing number of migrant children at the border. The Biden administration is still under a lot of pressure to work with Congress to reform the immigration system, and has proposed its own overhaul. But two House-passed immigration bills that would grant citizenship pathways for young undocumented immigrants and undocumented farmworkers have yet to see action in the Senate. “It just feels like the redux of the last decade of immigration legislation. Why does it never get done?” Clara Long, who focuses on immigration and border policy at Human Rights Watch, said. The Hill 

More CBP Agents Deployed to U.S.-Mexico Border

Customs and Border Protection is deploying more agents to the border as it deals with the increase of unaccompanied migrants. Stephanie Malin, a CBP spokesperson, said more than 300 agents, as well as those who were included in an initial deployment earlier this year, are being moved south from Northern and Coastal sectors. These deployments were announced after more than 100,000 migrants, including families and unaccompanied minors, arrived at the border in February. The Biden administration is also seeking help from federal workers to volunteer with “urgent efforts” to care for and place the children. In a letter shared with CNN last week, congressional leaders called on close to a dozen retired Border Patrol chiefs to provide resources and take steps to enhance the immigration system. CNN

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