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Sculptor Uses Chinese Immigrant Communities as Inspiration

Plus: Chinese spies recruiting New Yorkers to retrieve citizens, activists block the entrance of a DHS office to prevent detainee transfers

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Anne Wu, an emerging sculptor and installation artist, uses her creations to reflect the material culture and experience of Chinese immigrant communities. Her latest display, A Patterned Universe, features architectural materials from her immigrant neighborhood in Flushing, Queens. Wu traveled to four Chinatowns in the U.S. to search for examples of shared cultural imagery, finding that each had its own unique backstory, whether it was built by tourists or actual Chinese communities. Wu’s exhibit based on her findings is on display at The Shed in New York City through August 1. Art in America 

In other local immigration news…

Activists Block Entrance at Newark DHS Office to Delay Transfers and Deportations

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Dozens of activists blocked entrances to a Homeland Security Investigations field office in Newark, New Jersey, on Tuesday to protest the transfers and deportations of immigrant detainees. According to activists who’ve been tracking the detainees, the field office is the last stop before detainees are deported or transferred. Activists worked for weeks to figure out how they could barricade the office and delay the processing of immigrants in hopes of putting off their transfers for another week. The blockade caused ICE vehicles to turn around, which activists claimed as a success. Read more at Documented. 

Chinese Convert Teams Bringing Back People Accused of Financial Crimes

Hu Ji, a spy from China, came to the U.S. in 2016 disguised as a Chinese police officer on his tourist visa. He soon recruited a young Chinese immigrant from Queens named Johnny to help Ji take down Johnny’s uncle, who was a target of the Chinese state over his perceived political dissent. They “persuaded” the uncle to return to China to face trial for the alleged crimes. Ji’s team eventually grew to about 19 American and Chinese operatives — hired muscle, private detectives and undercover repatriation specialists — and is an example of just how far China will go to suppress dissent. ProPublica 

Documented Talks: The Future of Immigration Courts

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After four years of the Trump administration upending immigration courts, Documented is about to explore what the new administration will do differently. Today at 1 p.m., Documented will hold a Zoom discussion about the future of immigration courts with Immigration Judge Amiena Khan, President of the National Association of Immigration Judges, and The Marshall Project’s Contributing Writer, Julia Preston. The two will discuss where the judge’s union stands in the decertification fight, what judges want to see from the Biden administration and what the lasting impacts will stem from the past four years. 

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