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Fauci Says Immigrants Aren’t Cause of COVID-19 Increase

Plus: Some Afghan evacuees leaving before they're resettled in the U.S., and court lets migrant families be expelled

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Top COVID-19 official Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday debunked claims that immigrants are causing COVID-19 cases to increase throughout the U.S. Fauci said the issue is “within our country” and not due to immigrants or tourists bringing the virus from other countries, which a Kaiser Family Foundation poll also revealed. The KFF poll discovered 55% of Republicans and 40% of unvaccinated respondents blame immigrants and tourists for bringing COVID-19 to the U.S. When asked about the public health rule that allows the expulsion of immigrants, Fauci said that his “feeling has always been that focusing on immigrants, expelling them… is not the solution to an outbreak.” Forbes

In other federal immigration news…

Some Afghan Evacuees Leaving Before Resettlement 

Two sources familiar with the data told Reuters that hundreds of Afghan evacuees are leaving the U.S. before they receive resettlement services. About 700 “independent departures” have taken place, leading immigrant advocates to worry about the risks Afghans are taking by giving up the resettlement process. A DHS spokesperson declined to comment on numbers, but said those who left “generally” had ties to the U.S., such as family members or friends, and resources to support themselves. The spokesperson also mentioned that some departed quickly because they were U.S. citizens, permanent residents or had approved Special Immigrant Visas. Yet leaving early could put other Afghan evacuees’ critical benefits at risk and eventually cause legal problems. Reuters 

Court Allows Migrant Families to be Expelled

An appeals court suspended a federal judge’s order that would have banned the Biden administration from using Title 42 to expel migrant families. The federal judge’s order paused by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals would’ve required the Biden administration to process migrant families with children under U.S. immigration laws, allowing them to seek asylum or another form of humanitarian refuge. The Biden administration continuously defended the Trump-era policy by saying it’s necessary to avoid COVID-19 outbreaks in migrant holding facilities. U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan discovered that the public health law doesn’t authorize quick expulsion of migrants and asylum seekers. ​​CBS News

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