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Groups File Civil Rights Complaint With DHS Over ICE Tactics

Plus: How mental health evaluations can help asylum cases, and Wisconsin immigrants strike to show need for reform

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A coalition of immigrant rights organizations will file a complaint Wednesday with the Department of Homeland Security Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and the DHS Office of Inspector General. The groups condemn ICE’s use of a human restraint devices on African asylum seekers before and during deportation flights. The organizations, which include the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, the Haitian Bridge Alliance, The UndocuBlack Network and Texas A&M University School of Law’s Immigrant Rights Clinic, allege that the device has been used to “threaten, coerce, and punish African asylum seekers.” Giulia McDonnell Nieto del Rio for Documented

In other national immigration news…

How Mental Health Evaluations Can Impact Immigrants’ Asylum Cases 

For some people in immigration proceedings, a psychosocial assessment or evaluation is an essential document that can aid in verifying someone’s story if there is not sufficient physical evidence. It can help demonstrate to immigration officials why exactly someone needs to remain in the United States, “whether it’s an undocumented mother from Honduras filing for asylum or a victim of torture fleeing from the Philippines,” the Seattle Times reports. The newspaper looks at why this mental health evaluation is so crucial for immigrants in immigration proceedings, and what obstacles immigrants can face in trying to receive this often costly evaluation. The Seattle Times

Wisconsin Immigrants Strike for Immigration Reform

On Monday, hundreds of immigrant advocates in Wisconsin marched from Milwaukee’s south side to the Federal Courthouse in a statewide strike called “Day without Latinx and immigrants.” The strike was organized after the U.S. Senate parliamentarian said Democrats’ immigration reform plans could not be included in the reconciliation budget bill. In Wisconsin, Latinx essential workers, business owners and supporters participated in the strike by not going to work or school, and not spending any money. “We show a lot of power in participating in a day without Latinos,” one business owner said. Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

Texas Attorney General Tours Del Rio Border Crossing

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton toured the border in Del Rio on Tuesday, where he bashed the Biden administration for its border policies. At a press conference, Paxton said he met with local leaders, Border Patrol agents, state troopers, ranch and business owners and residents to get a sense of what was going on in this part of the U.S./Mexico border. Thousands of migrants recently were staying under a bridge in Del Rio while trying to seek asylum in the United States. “We’re all united in hoping and praying that our government can stem the tide and stop doing what they’re doing,” Paxton said. Border Report

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