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Judge Blocks ICE Directive Prioritizing Immigrants for Arrest and Deportation

Plus: Internal Customs and Border Protection documents reveal the U.S. and Mexico's joint effort to stop asylum

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Trump-appointed federal Judge Micheal Newman on Tuesday instated a nationwide injunction prohibiting federal immigration agents from following a memo issued by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The memo requires agents to consider immigrants’ threats to national security before deciding whether to deport them. Newman said the memo led ICE agents to make “custody decisions” about immigrants who were supposed to be detained. He also blocked the use of the memo to release or delay the deportation of immigrants with final orders of deportation. The latest development aligns with a legal challenge by three Republican-led states. CBS News

In other federal immigration news…

Internal CBP Documents Show Harrowing Story of Transnational Effort to Stop Asylum

Newly uncovered Customs and Border Protection documents, including internal emails and daily situational reports, reveal how far the U.S. and Mexican governments have gone to surveil, detain, and deport migrants on their way to the U.S.-Mexico border. Documents show CBP was aware of miserable conditions at a factory in a Mexican border town where migrants were staying, and knew binational policies were pushing people to make deadly clandestine border crossings. CBP worsened the humanitarian crisis “by adopting a military posture” and implementing Migration Policy Protocols, also known as Remain in Mexico, said Andrew Case, senior counsel for LatinoJustice. Three years later, the Biden administration still implements some of the Trump-era anti-asylum policies, including MPP, in collaboration with Mexico’s government. The Intercept

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