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Congress to Hold Hearing on Title 42, Restoring Asylum

Plus: The Biden administration authorizes ICE prosecutors to consider dismissing certain immigrants’ cases

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The House’s subcommittee on Border Security, Facilitation, & Operations will hold a hearing into Title 42  today at 2 p.m. EDT. There’ll be a live video at event time. Witnesses testifying at the hearing include Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, senior policy council at the American Immigration Council; Kennji Kizuka, associate director of research and analysis for refugee protection at Human Rights First; Adam Richards, an associate professor of global health and medicine at the Milken Institute School of Public Health and Mark Dannels, the sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona. 

In other federal immigration news…

Biden Admin. Authorizes ICE Prosecutors to Consider Dismissing Certain Immigrants’ Cases

As part of its efforts to reshape immigration enforcement in the U.S. by focusing on what it considers serious targets, the Biden administration has authorized Immigration and Customs Enforcement prosecutors to consider dismissing cases of immigrants who have not crossed the border recently and do not pose a threat to public safety. The latest development is a shift from the Trump era, where every undocumented immigrant was treated as a priority for arrest and immediate removal. Critics say the move is effectively telling immigration authorities not to perform their jobs. Those in favor meanwhile see this as a way to cut immigration backlogs and ensure additional due process for immigrants without attorneys. BuzzFeed News

Three Republican-Led States Sue Biden, Seeking to Bar Him From Terminating Title 42

The attorneys general of Arizona, Missouri, and Louisiana filed a complaint in Louisiana federal court against the Biden administration for withdrawing the Title 42 public health order. They claim ending the rapid expulsion policy will lead to “unmitigated chaos and catastrophe.” The lawsuit also notes calls the termination “unfathomably bad public policy” and “profoundly illegal.” Those opposing Title 42 say it is unjust as it denies migrants their legal rights, and that the policy was always scientifically baseless — views CDC public experts also shared before and since the rule was put in place. Reuters

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