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Survey: Rebuild U.S. Institutions for Fair Treatment of Black Americans and Black Immigrants

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After George Floyd’s death, national protests and debate sparked political promises for racial equality in the U.S. But in the more than two years since, a survey of nearly 4,000 Black adults shows most don’t feel their situations have changed, and nearly half don’t feel equality for Black people in the U.S. is likely to be achieved.

The research, by Kiana Cox and Khadijah Edwards of the Pew Research Center, also shows that most respondents feel discrimination is the main reason many Black people — both U.S.-born and immigrants — cannot get ahead. 

Why it matters: The findings in the report may help immigration professionals and immigrants’ rights advocates when developing legal strategy for programs, or when organizing in partnership with communities. 

Allying with White people for support: Roughly eight-in-10 Black Americans and Black immigrants say White people would make good political allies for Black people. However, Black immigrants are more likely than Black U.S.-born people to say White people would be good political allies even if they don’t experience the same hardships.

Allying with Latinos for support: Roughly eight-in-ten Black Immigrants and Black Americans say Latinos would make good political allies. While Black Americans are evenly divided over whether Latinos need to experience the same hardships to be good allies, Black immigrants are less divided on this view.

Allying with Asian Americans for support: Nearly eight-in-ten Black immigrants say Asian Americans would make good political allies, compared with seven-in-ten Black Americans. Both groups are divided over whether Asian Americans need to have shared hardships with Black Americans to be good allies.

Views about the legacy of slavery: ​​Black adults do not differ by ethnicity or immigrant status in agreeing that the legacy of slavery affects Black people a great deal. That sentiment remains no matter what part of the country they are in.

Rebuilding the prison system: U.S.-born Black adults are about as likely as Black immigrants to say the prison system; policing; and the courts and judicial process needs to be rebuilt for Black people to be treated fairly.

Among the solutions identified in the report are: support for significant reforms to or complete overhauls of several U.S. institutions to ensure fair treatment. That includes the criminal justice system, political engagement through voting, support for Black businesses, and reparations in the forms of educational, business and homeownership assistance. Download the full 127-page report here or read it here.


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