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Caribbean and Chinese Communities Audience Research

As New York’s only immigrant-centric newsroom, Documented is dedicated to creating journalism that serves these communities. Building on what we learned from our audience of thousands of Spanish-speaking immigrants, we began research in spring 2022 to reach Chinese and Caribbean readers in New York.

Our findings, which came from surveys of more than 1,000 New Yorkers of Chinese and Caribbean descent, will shape how we deliver news to these communities.

Documented’s original report unearths new findings surrounding these communities, including:

  • 85% of Chinese New Yorkers who participated said they have seen information shared by others that they suspected to be false information or fake news when using social media like WeChat or Facebook.
  • 77% of Chinese respondents don’t see themselves well represented in the news.
  • 87% of Chinese respondents mention feeling “worried about the public safety in NYC” or feeling “unsafe” or that it is “dangerous” living in the city.
  • 57% of Caribbean respondents said that the current media coverage is “too negative”
  • 70% of Caribbean respondents use the apps “Nextdoor” or “Citizen” as a source for local news.

We believe that it is imperative for newsrooms to learn from their audiences in order to adapt and thrive. We hope that this research will assist service providers, elected officials, and other community groups better understand the barriers faced by Chinese and Caribbean New Yorkers. Read the full report here.

Join us on March 29 for a live discussion “Information Access in NYC Chinese & Caribbean Communities” with Documented community correspondents April Xu and Ralph Thomassaint Joseph and The Listening Post Collective. Register here.

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