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Immigration News Today: Supreme Court Rejects Texas and Louisiana Challenge in Favor of Biden Deportation Priorities

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New York

Immigration advocates rally for voting rights for permanent residents as case enters closing arguments:

Groups rallied ahead of closing arguments in Fossella v. New York City, which stopped a law to allow permanent residents to vote in local elections from being enacted. — News 12 The Bronx

NY bill to expand health care for immigrants doesn’t make it to debate:

State assembly lawmakers declined to take up a bill that would expand subsidized health care coverage to include more New Yorkers, regardless of their immigration status. — Buffalo News

Advocates, elected officials call on Orange County to support asylum seekers following preliminary injunction:

They said it was cruel for Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus’ actions to prevent New York City from sending migrants to the county for assistance. — Read NYIC’s statements and what elected officials are saying

Around the U.S. 

Neobank MAJORITY expands to U.S.-Mexico border to ease mobile banking services for new arrivals:

The mobile banking service opened its fourth and fifth service areas in the Florida cities of Hialeah and Orlando to help new migrants start bank accounts. — Forbes

Opinion: “Rising flood.” “Waves of migrants.” “No welcome mat” — immigrants are human beings, not faceless masses:

A new exhibition invites visitors to look at the faces and listen to the voices of 36 immigrants as they describe their experiences of making lives in the Hudson Valley. — Times Union

Forum discusses government policies that harm immigrant children:

Attendees at the Children at Risk forum raised concerns about the increased collaboration between federal and local law enforcement agencies. — KERA News

New study shows statistics about Portuguese immigrants, descendants in U.S.:

California is the state with the largest Portuguese American community (309,958), and Florida has seen the largest growth of Portuguese immigrants and descendants between 2006-2010 and 2016-2020. — Herald News

Washington D.C.

Supreme Court rejects Texas and Louisiana challenge in favor of Biden deportation priorities:

The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 in favor of letting the Biden administration set priorities for which undocumented immigrants to arrest. — The New York Times

Supreme Court upholds law against encouraging illegal immigration:

A 7-2 ruling overturned a lower court’s decision to strike down the provision in a case involving a Californian who deceived immigrants through a phony “adult adoption” program. — Reuters

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