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Immigration News Today: Extreme Heat Key Issue in UPS Contract Talks

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New York

‘We’re going to see workers die’: extreme heat key issue in UPS contract talks:

Unionized UPS workers have prioritized addressing heat-related concerns in their ongoing contract discussions with the company. — The Guardian

Around the U.S. 

DOJ prepared to sue Texas Gov. Greg Abbott over buoy wall barrier in Rio Grande:

An Eagle Pass resident has already sued Abbott over the buoys and the razor wire placed along the banks of the river. — Houston Chronicle

Rep. Tony Gonzales, who represents 800 miles of U.S.-Mexico border, calls border tactics “not acceptable”:

The Republican emphasized the need for more legal immigration pathways, but stopped short of criticizing Abbott for his new deterrence measures in the Rio Grande. — CBS News 

Texas government sends more migrants to Los Angeles: 

The bus carried 44 migrants onboard from Mexico, Colombia, China, Haiti, Honduras, Peru and Venezuela. Fourteen of them are children between 2 to 14 years old. — ABC News

How Japanese immigrants helped San Francisco’s flower mart bloom a century ago:

By 1929, Japanese Americans produced 70% of the major greenhouse flowers and chrysanthemums in Northern California. — The San Francisco Standard

New Stanford report — Immigrants are less likely to be imprisoned than U.S.-born individuals:
Immigrants are 30% less likely to be incarcerated than are U.S.-born individuals who are white. When the analysis is expanded to include Black Americans, the likelihood of an immigrant being incarcerated is 60% lower. — Access the full study here

Documentary, ‘Translators’, draws praise for showing crucial role children play as translators for their parents:

The 20-minute documentary has been shown at the Tribeca Film Festival after making its debut at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival in June. — NBC News

Washington D.C.

Opinion— the U.S. fails on its pledge of renewed relations with Haiti:

The U.S. vowed to stop picking political winners and losers in Haiti. But since Moïse’s 2021 assassination, the U.S. has stood firmly behind the de facto prime minister, a researcher argues. — The New York Times

The GOP’s crumbling case against Biden on immigration:

While Republicans are sure to attack Biden on immigration in the 2024 election, border crossings have recently dropped to their lowest level in two years. — Axios

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