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Immigration News Today: Dead Body Found Along Floating Barrier Texas Installed in the Rio Grande

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New York

Adams weighs plan to set up migrant tents in Central Park, other major green spaces

Mayor Eric Adams is considering a plan to shelter migrants inside tents in Central Park and other major public green spaces due to the lack of space in homeless shelters and emergency housing. The plan highlights the immediate need for federal and state intervention and support from the private sector. — The Gothamist

Corona Plaza vendors rally against City Hall’s latest enforcement sweep

Vendors at Corona Plaza in Queens protest against the Adams administration for suddenly cracking down on enforcement despite working with city agencies for months to address overcrowding and cleanliness concerns. — The Gothamist

Mayor Adams Announces Asylum Application Help Center has Helped Submit Over 1,300 Asylum Applications in Matter of Weeks, Announces Higher Education Partnerships for Fall Semester

The Asylum Application Help Center has assisted migrants in mailing more than 1,300 asylum applications since June, announced by New York City Mayor Eric Adams. A consortium of higher education institutions, including four City University of New York (CUNY) schools, Columbia University, New York Law School; and New York University, will provide student application assistants in the fall to support thousands of asylum seekers in submitting their applications. — Office of the Mayor

Washington D.C.

Democratic lawmakers slam the lack of attorney access for asylum seekers in Border Patrol custody

Democratic members of Congress urge the Biden administration to end expedited screening of asylum seekers in Border Patrol custody because of limited access to legal counsel. — Associated Press

Around the U.S.

Body found along floating barrier Texas installed in the Rio Grande, Mexico says

A body was found along a floating barrier installed last month in the Rio Grande by Texas authorities, as part of the efforts to deter migrants from entering the U.S. This was the first time a death has been reported along the barrier. — NBC News

Texas troopers separating families at border in apparent policy shift, sources say

At least 26 migrant families along the Rio Grande were broken up by the Texas Department of Public Safety who detained fathers on trespassing charges while transferring the rest of the family members, including small children, to Border Patrol agents. — Houston Chronicle

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