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Immigration News Today: Latino Children in Anti-Immigrant States Have Poorer Health

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New York

How Documented uses WhatsApp for journalism beyond story distribution:

Documented’s Audience & Community Director, Nicolás Ríos, explains what we do (and what we don’t do) on WhatsApp, who else is doing great work, and more. — Read more 

The lives and livelihood of migrant women and children selling candy in the NYC subway:

Many candy sellers are Kichwa-speaking Indigenous people from Ecuador’s rural central highlands, fleeing socioeconomic crisis. — Curbed

The latest migrant battleground: New York City soccer fields:

The NYC commissioner of the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection and the commissioner of Manhattan’s West Side Soccer League urged parents to sign a petition against using soccer fields to erect a tent shelter. — The New York Times

Migrants are in a harsh spotlight in competitive City Council elections:

Where Democrats need to balance their support for a social safety net and pro-immigrant stance with voter concerns, Republicans have pitched a more direct approach. — THE CITY

Brooklyn Borough President Antonio Reynoso, Mayor Adams rally for support to serve asylum seekers:

Reynoso has proposed legal opportunities for elected officials to expand housing opportunities across the state – including inviting the mayor to use Brooklyn Borough Hall as a shelter for migrants. — Watch the rally

Around the U.S. 

Spike in annual arrests along U.S.-Mexico border hides remarkable variation by sector and nationality:

Whereas the San Diego and Tucson sectors fifteen years ago were the busiest sectors for Border Patrol arrests, they have been largely supplanted by sectors in Texas as well as Yuma. — TRAC

The detention center prosperity gospel fails to work miracles in rural communities:

Stewart Detention Center in Georgia has often been described as an exploitive facility, both for people on the inside and the surrounding community living largely in rural poverty. — Austin Kocher writes on Substack

U.S. startups held back by restrictive immigration policies:

Fueled by a need for talent and aided by the rise in remote work, American companies are increasingly moving technical jobs offshore. — Kevin Ryan writes in Fast Company

Civil and immigration rights groups move to temporarily block part of Florida’s new immigration law:

Their lawsuit argues that the state law is unconstitutional because it violates a constitutional provision that places federal law authority over state law. — Miami Herald

Latino children in anti-immigrant states face more health conditions:

Living in states with harsh immigration laws coincided with a higher risk of mental and physical health issues for Latino children, a study found. — CBS News

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