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Immigration News Today: Families Crossing U.S. Border Reach All-Time High in August

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New York

Migrant shelters in NYC spark protests, animate local Republicans ahead of 2024 elections

As New Yorkers voice frustration over the city’s response to the increase of asylum seekers, Republicans use the issue to galvanize support for the upcoming elections, posing a potential challenge for Democrats grappling with declining approval ratings and internal differences over the crisis. — Daily News

Some Staten Islanders offering a more welcoming vision of NYC to migrants

Amid protests and concerns about migrants in Staten Island, some residents and community groups are making efforts to welcome and assist newcomers, sharing meals and fostering positive interactions to dispel myths and build understanding between the residents and migrants. — The Gothamist

‘Let them work!’ Mayor Adams, union leaders again push White House for migrant work permits

Mayor Eric Adams rallied in Lower Manhattan last Thursday, calling on the Biden administration to authorize temporary work permits for migrants in New York City. — The Gothamist

NYC’s first African worker-owned language cooperative is open for business

Afrilingual, a 10-person group becomes the first African worker co-op for language services in the city’s history, aiming to serve the needs of New York City’s growing African immigrant community. — The Gothamist

Around the U.S.

Families crossing U.S. border reached all-time high in August

The U.S. Border Patrol made more than 177,000 arrests along the Mexico border in August, up from 132,652 in July and 99,539 in June. — The Washington Post

Smugglers steering migrants into remote Arizona desert, posing new border patrol challenges

Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector faces a large number of migrants in one of the most desolate and dangerous areas of the Arizona borderlands, as it becomes the busiest along the U.S.-Mexico border. Officials attributed the sudden increase of migrants to false advertising by smugglers and changing migration routes. — VOA

Washington D.C.

Meet the white Trump official behind the launch of Black America for Immigration Reform

William W. Chip, a white former senior counselor at the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump administration, launched Black America for Immigration Reform last week. He had a history of advocating for immigration restrictions. — Politico

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