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Immigration News Today: U.S. Immigration Officials Use Fake Social Media Profiles to Watch Immigrants

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New York

SUNY homeland security class focuses on immigration:

Former UAlbany police chief Frank Wiley asks students in his capstone course to take on serious issues facing Albany, including immigration. — Spectrum News 1

Around the U.S. 

How U.S. immigration officials use fake social media profiles across investigations:

Immigration officers made fake social media profiles to research people seeking immigration benefits, even as Facebook pushed back due to privacy concerns. — The Guardian

This Indian family tried to immigrate to the U.S. legally. They ended up separated and in legal limbo:
Dr. Pradyuman Singh arrived in the U.S. with his wife and daughter in 2008 on a work visa after he purchased a motel in Kansas City. The family landed in deportation proceedings in 2011 after his visa renewal was denied. — Los Angeles Times

DeSantis immigration law may worsen labor shortages in Florida as planting season begins:

Immigrant workers advocates say Florida’s new immigration law could cause agricultural businesses to bring more temporary foreign workers through H-2A, which is susceptible to exploitation and forced labor. — Miami Herald

Migrants from majority Muslim countries were unequally imprisoned in Del Rio, Texas:

Hamed Aleaziz, immigration policy reporter at the Los Angeles Times, spoke about his reporting on asylum seekers from majority Muslim countries getting disproportionately imprisoned in a Texas district. — NPR

Washington D.C.

U.S. knew about migrant killings by Saudi forces earlier than previously disclosed:

Saudi Arabia’s border forces have been accused in recent weeks of killing hundreds or thousands of African migrants as they have tried to cross from Yemen into the kingdom. — The New York Times

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