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Immigration News Today: Why Escaped Murderer Danelo Cavalcante Wasn’t Deported After His Conviction

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New York

Restaurant owner drove car into men at Brooklyn migrant shelter, prosecutors say

The two victims were back at the shelter recovering Monday morning. Neither had any connection to the restaurant owner before the attack, according to migrants at the shelter. — The Gothamist

White House will help some NYC migrants get work permits, but offers no sweeping action

The city has received $140 million in federal aid to date and sought more from Congress, but prospects for additional funds in a Republican-controlled House are slim. — The Gothamist

Seeking new playbook, Democrats sour on Mayor Adams’ migrant approach

Amid Mayor Eric Adams’ criticism of the Biden admin.’s response to the migrant crisis, other politicians are exploring innovative approaches, such as creating a local work permit program for asylum-seekers. — The Gothamist

Washington D.C.

DHS has lost track of 177,000 migrants inside the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security found a significant challenge in tracking migrants released in the U.S., with 177,000 address records for new arrivals being incomplete or containing non-residential locations during a 17-month period. — NBC News

Around the U.S.

Concern rises in the Biden administration that New York is fumbling care for migrants, U.S. officials say

One senior Department of Homeland Security official familiar with its assessment team’s findings said the city has “no exit strategy” to see that migrants find their way out of its shelter system. — NBC News

Among Asian Americans, U.S.-born children of immigrants are most likely to have hidden part of their heritage

One fifth of the Asian American adults say they have hidden a part of their heritage from non-Asians at some point in their lives. Fear of ridicule and a desire to fit in are common reasons. — Pew Research Center

Why escaped murderer Danelo Cavalcante wasn’t deported after his conviction

Attorneys say that it is in the justice system’s interest to keep some of the most serious offenders in the U.S. as their home country isn’t obliged to prosecute them for crimes committed abroad. — The Philadelphia Inquirer

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