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Immigration News Today: NYC Protests Against Migrants Escalate

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New York

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Suing. Heckling. Cursing. NYC protests against migrants escalate:

Sandra Ramírez, 24, a lifelong resident of Staten Island and daughter of immigrants, has been going around taking down anti-immigrant signs every time she sees one. — The New York Times

Untangling the politics, policies, and messaging behind the current migrant crisis:

Muzaffar Chishti, senior fellow at Migration Policy Institute, explains how immigration policies at the federal, state, and local levels intersect. — The New Yorker

House Democrats visit a migrant hotel as political tensions erupt:

At least 10 Democratic members of Congress, from states including Texas and L.A., toured the Roosevelt Hotel, where the city is lodging 850 migrant families. — The New York Times 

Around the U.S. 

Colorado senators, congress member push for report on death at Aurora facility after ICE misses deadline:

Members of Colorado’s congressional delegation are asking ICE to report findings from an independent review of Calero Mendoza’s death. — CPR News

Immigrants contributed $5 billion to Michigan county’s GDP in 2019:

In 2021 alone, immigrants in Kent County held $1.6 billion in spending power, paid $318.8 million in federal taxes, and paid $173.9 million in state and local taxes. — American Immigration Council

Washington D.C.

Hillary Clinton presses Biden admin. to do more about NYC migrant crisis:

Clinton is acting as an advocate for New York City officials in pressuring the Biden administration for help addressing the migrant crisis. — NBC New York

Second circuit won’t use NY’s immigrant relief to cancel removal:

A Second Circuit panel declined to employ a New York state law that eliminates deportation repercussions for minor criminal offenses in a case. — Law 360 (Paywall)

Feds say asylum seekers lack evidence of CBP turnbacks:The Biden administration pushed back on a group of asylum-seekers and their advocates’ claims that the CBP One app violates CBP’s own mandate. — Law 360 (Paywall)

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