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Immigration News Today: Migrant Services Contractor DocGo CEO Resigns

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New York

NYC finalizes deal with federal government to use Floyd Bennett Field to house migrants

Neither the city nor the state will be paying a rental fee for the site to the federal government, thanks to the deal largely led by Governor Hochul. The lease is to clarify that the federal government is not transferring ownership of the land. — The Gothamist

DocGo CEO Anthony Capone admits he didn’t earn graduate degree

“I must clarify immediately: I do not have a master’s degree from Clarkson University, nor from any other institution. This inaccuracy should have been corrected, and I deeply apologize for this error,” Capone said. — Times Union

CEO of NYC migrant service provider DocGo resigns following report he falsified background

Anthony Capone resigned as CEO of DocGo “effective immediately” on Friday as he was found lying about having a graduate degree from Clarkson University, while the company faces scrutiny over its contract with the city and undergoes an investigation following reported issues with migrant care. — The Gothamist

Washington D.C.

Biden administration considers raising refugee ceiling in next fiscal year, source says

The current annual cap is set at 125,000 refugees. Sources cautioned that the Biden administration is likely to maintain the cap in the coming fiscal year, but getting close to this goal next year would mark a significant milestone. — CNN

Around the U.S.

Border Patrol temporarily separated families this summer, court filing says

Children were briefly separated from parents in Border Patrol custody this summer because of overcrowding, but a Customs and Border Protection official could not provide exact figures on such separations under the Biden administration and said it may still be happening. — NBC News

With border crossings up, U.S. begins releasing migrants onto U.S. streets again

Border Patrol agents have begun releasing migrants on U.S. streets shortly after they cross from Mexico into California and Arizona as the processing facilities are getting overcrowded. — NBC News

Latino voters want Biden to take more aggressive action on immigration, polls find

A majority of potential Latino voters in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas and two swing districts in California and New York, are in favor of proposals for the Biden administration to provide deportation protections and work permits to undocumented immigrants. — CBS News

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