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Immigration News Today: Investigation Reveals CBP’s Involvement, Abusive Enforcement Tactics During 2020 Protests

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New York

Listen – How New York, a city of immigrants, became home to a humanitarian crisis:

Eric Lach, who recently published a piece about how newly arrived African migrants are grappling with a system built for Spanish speakers, discusses the political differences between two phrases: undocumented immigrant and asylum seeker. — WNYC

Black immigrants face more discrimination in the U.S. The source is sometimes surprising:

Immigrants from Africa or the Caribbean experience a double burden of discrimination in the U.S., both as immigrants and as Black residents in a country with a long history of racism, a survey shows. — Los Angeles Times

Watch — The history of immigration in New York City:

Tyler Anbinder, a history professor at George Washington University and author of “City of Dreams: the 400-Year Epic History of Immigrant New York,” joined NY1 political anchor to talk about immigration history. — Spectrum News NY 1

New York’s immigrant ethos tested by asylum seeker needs:

Mr. Adams says city agencies may need to cut spending by up to 15%. Meanwhile, he’s under scrutiny from the city comptroller for how he’s spending money. — The Christian Science Monitor

Around the U.S. 

Investigation reveals CBP’s involvement, abusive enforcement tactics during 2020 protests:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection utilized unmarked vehicles to detain protestors without identifying itself in at least one documented instance, an investigation shows. — American Immigration Council

Washington D.C.

Biden admin. plans to tackle humanitarian migrant crisis with processing centers in Latin America: 

Officials involved in an initiative to establish migration processing centers in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Guatemala acknowledge it is a modest response to an enormous challenge. — The New York Times

Biden admin. expands TPS eligibility for more Afghans:

The decision, revealed in a federal register notice, makes around 14,000 Afghans in the U.S. newly eligible for Temporary Protected Status and extends protections from deportations to May 2025. — Read more

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