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Immigration News Today: U.S. Immigrant Population is 2 Million Below 2017 Census Projections

New York

Adams announces adult asylum seekers re-entering city shelters will have just 30 days for that stay:

Adult asylum seekers who have not secured alternative housing after 60 days and apply for a new stay will receive a placement with an additional 30-day notice and casework services. — Read more in the City’s statement

Chinese immigrants share best restaurants in NYC for authentic taste of home:

The Chinese immigrants we surveyed nominated 51 restaurants, from luxurious banquet venues, to fast-food noodle chains, to intriguing hot pot establishments, and more. — Documented

New York City signs contract with arts school to house migrants:

American Musical and Dramatic Academy, an arts school in Manhattan, received funds valued at more than $109 million to house migrants in its dorms. — USA Today

Around the U.S. 

Texas border mayor declares state of emergency over immigration surge:

Eagle Pass’s mayor announced a state of emergency Thursday, citing an increase in the number of people at a bridge over the Rio Grande River. — Reuters

New data shows U.S. immigrant population is 2 million below 2017 census projections:

Data from the Census Bureau shows the immigrant share of the U.S. population rose just 0.3 percentage points from 2021 to 2022. — CATO Institute

Migration surges at the border despite new barriers, risk of deportation:

As processing facilities and shelters receive new arrivals, their capacity has been strained and the Border Patrol has started dropping off migrants outside churches, supermarkets and gas stations. — The New York Times

Washington D.C.

Mexico agrees with U.S. to deport migrants from its border cities:

Mexico agreed to “depressurize” its northern cities, which border El Paso, San Diego and Eagle Pass, Texas. — CNN

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