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Immigration News Today: City Hall Rejects Judge’s Decision to Stop Sheltering Migrants at Staten Island School

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New York

National Guard to help Venezuelans apply for working papers, Governor Hochul says

Hochul said on Monday that she was assigning an extra 150 Guard members to assist with efforts to house and help migrants in New York City’s care, pushing the total number of deployed National Guard members to 2,200. — The Gothamist

Judge recuses herself as NYC seeks to suspend right to shelter amid migrant crisis

Manhattan state Supreme Court Judge Erika Edwards said on Tuesday that she was recusing herself from presiding over the case to “avoid a potential appearance of impropriety” as it might appear that she has “motive to favor one of the parties.” — The Gothamist

City Hall plans to appeal decision to vacate Staten Island shelter

City Hall cites concerns about the city’s legal obligation to provide shelter based on the right-to-shelter law, with the appeal aimed at freezing Judge Wayne Ozzi’s order of the city to remove those already housed at St. John’s Villa Academy on Staten Island. — The Gothamist

Washington D.C.

Biden officials kept immigration jails despite internal cost concerns

Biden officials last year suggested closing or downsizing nine detention centers, which could have saved $235 million. Only two were closed down despite cost concerns. — Reuters

U.S. collects more data on migrants than previously known

A U.S. immigration enforcement program tracking nearly 200,000 migrants has been collecting and storing personal information through smartphones, ankle monitors and smartwatches for up to 75 years. — The Guardian

Around the U.S.

Abbott visited New York City. He didn’t take pity on its migrant surge.

Texas Governor Abbott encouraged New York to blame President Biden for the border policy. “What is going on in New York is calm and organized compared to the real chaos of what we see on the border — not every day, but every hour of every day,” he said Wednesday morning. — Politico

Immigrants are more optimistic than U.S.-born Americans, survey shows

The survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation in partnership with the Los Angeles Times also shows immigrants are more often treated unfairly in the workplace and health care settings. — VOA

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