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Immigration News Today: Adams Taps AI to Make City Robocalls in Languages He Doesn’t Speak

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New York

Adams taps AI to make city robocalls in languages he doesn’t speak:

The mayor’s voice has reached more than 4 million New Yorkers through robocalls sent in Spanish, Yiddish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Haitian Creole, though he doesn’t speak those languages. — THE CITY

Staten Island anti-migrant protesters celebrate victory on fire code technicality:

New York’s Fire Department issued a vacate order to the facility housing asylum seekers on Staten Island after finding it lacked sprinklers and fire alarms. — VICE

Massachusetts will no longer guarantee shelter placements for new arrivals beginning September:

Despite a law that says eligible families must be offered temporary housing, priority will be given to incoming families with health or safety risks. Others will be placed on waiting lists. — The New York Times

John Jay College to host talk on ICE, law enforcement link:

Dr. Felicia Arriaga’s research contends that the partnership between local sheriffs and immigration law enforcement has created racialized social control in the Latinx community. — Read more

Around the U.S. 

CBP releases asylum seekers on the streets. Some suburbs bear the burden:

Oceanside, California, volunteers help migrants reach their destinations when Customs and Border Protection vans or buses drop them off twice a day. — Reuters

Washington D.C.

Families separated by Trump-era migrant family policy reach settlement:

If approved by the judge overseeing the case, the settlement in the class action will guarantee affected immigrants are allowed to be in the U.S. and receive work permits. — The Texas Tribune

Trump pledges to expel immigrants who support Hamas, ban Muslims from the U.S.:

Top GOP candidate Donald Trump vowed to step up travel bans from “terror-plagued countries,”and require immigrants to support Israel’s right to exist. — Reuters

Pakistan urged not to deport Afghan U.S. visa, refugee applicants:

Pakistan set a Nov 1. deadline for all undocumented immigrants, including Afghans, to leave the country or face deportation. U.S. resettlement organizations are pushing for exemptions for Afghan applicants waiting to get into the U.S. — Reuters

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