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Immigration News Today: Forced Labor Settlement Reached with Private Prison CoreCivic

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New York

NYC schools are seeing an influx of students. Here’s how they’re handling the immigration crisis:

Newly arrived migrants have added nearly 30,000 children to the city’s public schools; but since about 120,000 families recently left NYC schools, there is room for newcomers. — CNN

Around the U.S. 

Settlement reached in forced labor case against private prison company: 

After plaintiffs alleged they were forced to work for $1/day in a CoreCivic prison, a settlement now requires CoreCivic to adhere to certain conditions and workers’ rights. — Southern Poverty Law Center

Immigrant workers describe discrimination they face on job:

Nearly half of working immigrants report being paid less than U.S.-born workers to do the same job, not being paid for all hours worked, and being given fewer opportunities for promotions or raises. — Los Angeles Times

Immigrant children — a profile of new arrivals to U.S. schools:

A new factsheet illuminates the demographics of recently arrived immigrant children, including geographic distribution, language use, and school enrollment. — Migration Policy Institute

How DeSantis’ ban on Chinese homeownership has affected buyers and real estate agents 3 months in: 

Chinese buyers and Florida real estate agents say the law is ambiguous and has introduced confusion and a growing risk of discrimination. — NBC News

Immigrant rights groups sue for information on asylum turnbacks:

Two immigrant groups sued the Biden admin. for information on its policy of turning back people who seek asylum without obtaining an appointment on the CBP One app. — American Immigration Council

Washington D.C.

First U.S. deportation flight lands in Venezuela under new Biden crackdown:

Buses dropped Venezuelan men and women in shackles on an airport tarmac in Harlingen, Texas, on Wednesday morning. About 130 Venezuelans were deported, according to ICE. — Reuters

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