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Immigration News Today: NYPD Punches Protestors at Pro-Palestine Rally in Bay Ridge

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NYPD arrests more than a dozen people as ralliers urge freedom for Palestine:

Police say they made an announcement for ralliers to clear the road just before forming a human barricade blocking people from moving. A rallier said people listened but were punched regardless. — Pix 11 News

Adams operative had altercation at Randall’s Island shelter hours before fighting guards at Touro:

Tim Pearson said he’d identified himself to security staff when attempting to enter the shelter, but eyewitnesses say he refused to identify himself, cursing and shouting, “Do you know who I am? You won’t be working here after today.” — THE CITY

A Palestinian restaurant in Bay Ridge perseveres in war’s shadow:

After Hamas’ attack on Israel, Ayat was suddenly flooded with dozens of one-star reviews online. The owners have been accused of spreading hate and called terrorists on social media. — The New York Times

Around the U.S. 

Instagram sorry for adding ‘terrorist’ to some Palestinian user bios:

Some users said they were  “shadow banned” — when a platform intervenes to make sure posts do not appear in other people’s feeds — on Instagram over pro-Palestinian posts. — BBC News

Violence forced them to flee. Now faith sustains these migrants on their journey to the U.S.:

Casa del Migrante provides spiritual comfort in addition to a temporary home, daily meals, legal advice and mentorships that help migrants find jobs and schools for their kids. — AP News

Washington D.C.

Biden administration seeks $105 billion in national security package that includes aid to Ukraine and Israel:

Of the funding, $61.4 billion is allocated in aid for Ukraine; $14.3 billion for Israel; and $13.6 billion to address security at the U.S.-Mexico border. — CNN

Migrants apprehended at the border more times in FY 2023 than any other year since at least 1960:

The number of migrant arrests outside ports of entry, however, was down by about 2 million compared with a year ago. — The New York Times

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