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Immigration News Today: Texas Wants to Seize Immigration Authority from the Federal Government

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New York

How Documented incorporated audience needs into product research:

This case study explores how Documented approached user research to understand the needs of our audience and ensure that our mission-critical work was designed to serve NYC immigrants, not just report about them. — News Product Alliance

NYC on track to spend over $12 billion on asylum seeker programs, state comptroller says:

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said his office launched a new tool to provide transparency on the emergency spending and why additional funding and logistical support is needed. — amNY

Miss Immigrant USA, whose contestants often appear with Adams, cancels its crowning:

Some contestants said their experience with the pageant has been confusing and chaotic, leaving them uncomfortable with it and the dominant role and dismissive tone of its male co-founder. — THE CITY

Around the U.S. 

In Chicago, a neighborhood of immigrants is conflicted about more arrivals:

People in Brighton Park are divided over a hastily conceived plan to convert an empty lot into a winterized tent complex for 2,000 or more migrants. — The New York Times

More Chinese migrants are crossing Panama’s jungle to come to the U.S.:

Seeking to escape an increasingly repressive political climate and bleak economic prospects, more Chinese migrants are crossing the dangerous Darién Gap. — NBC News

“Civil and human rights disaster” — Texas wants to seize immigration authority from feds:

A new Texas bill would create new state crimes for improperly entering or reentering the United States, though comparable crimes exist under federal law. — Texas Observer

Washington D.C.

Judge blocks Biden administration from destroying Texas border fencing:

A federal judge barred the Biden administration from cutting or removing the wire until at least Nov. 13, as she considers a lawsuit brought by Texas A.G. Ken Paxton. — Reuters

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