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Uber and Lyft to Pay New York Drivers $328 Million As Wage Theft Settlement

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New York

Vernikov appears for gun charge arraignment as voting begins:

Southern Brooklyn Councilmember Inna Vernikov is charged with violating a state law by bringing a licensed weapon to a pro-Palestinian student rally. — THE CITY

Uber and Lyft to pay New York drivers $328 million following AG wage theft probe:

Uber will pay $290 million and Lyft will pay $38 million into two settlement funds for drivers in what is the largest settlement of its kind, according to New York’s attorney general. — THE CITY

Adams says ‘everything is on the table’ in humanitarian migrant crisis:
The mayor is determined to avoid migrant tent cities on the streets and in public parks, but said that could soon be the reality in New York for single, male migrants. — ABC7NY

Around the U.S. 

Chicago mayor mum on potential migrant shelter at shuttered museum:

Mayor Brandon Johnson didn’t give a direct answer when asked about the city’s efforts to use the former Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications to house asylum seekers. — CBS News Chicago

Chicago’s plans to use vacant store, parking lot to build migrant tent shelter hits roadblock:

Amid a heated debate, supporters agreed to delay a final City Council vote to purchase a 6.5-acre site for $1 and use it to set up winterized tents for up to 1,400 migrants. — CBS News Chicago

Suburban church takes in more than 100 migrants from outside Chicago Police station:

The group of migrants now at the church basement were sleeping outside the station. About 150 people were still sleeping there in tents – and of those, 60 were children. — CBS News Chicago

Washington D.C.

Mayors meet with senior White House officials over humanitarian migrant crisis:

The mayors of Denver and Chicago met with two White House officials to discuss the increase in new migrant arrivals in their cities. — CNN

Biden admin. to offer economic benefits for countries hosting migrants:

The Biden administration will announce new development financing for countries hosting migrants in the western hemisphere as part of an effort to curb arrivals at the U.S.-Mexico border. — Reuters

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