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Immigration News Today: Democrats urge Biden to protect Palestinians in the U.S. from deportation

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New York

One fifth of migrants having received notices to leave New York City shelters remain in the shelter system

It’s unclear where the remaining 80% have gone, leading to confusion and chaos for many migrants, while the administration opens new sites to assist those reaching their stay limits. — The Gothamist

Washington D.C

Democrats urge Biden to protect Palestinians in the U.S. from deportation amid Gaza war

The 103 Democratic senators and representatives urged President Biden to authorize a program allowing Palestinians living in the U.S. without permanent legal status to gain deportation protections and work permits. — CBS News

Republicans threaten to reject Ukraine aid unless Democrats agree to tighten U.S. immigration laws

The proposal includes raising the standard for asylum claims and toughening penalties for illegal border crossings, which was met with swift criticisms from the White House and Democrats. — NBC News

Democratic lawmakers want to prohibit shackling pregnant migrant women

The law proposes that any agency under the Department of Homeland Security cannot use physical restraints on pregnant women, those in labor, or in postpartum recovery, except for “extraordinary circumstances.” — NBC News

DHS Announces Countries Eligible for H-2A and H-2B Visa Programs

Effective Nov. 9, 2023, the secretary of homeland security, with the concurrence of the secretary of state, has decided to add Bolivia to the list of countries eligible for the programs. — USCIS

Biden administration urges US court to uphold asylum restrictions

The Biden administration appealed a decision that halted a rule imposing stricter asylum requirements at the U.S.-Mexico border, which presumes most migrants are ineligible for asylum because of the way they entered the U.S. — Reuters

Around the U.S.

ICE arrests “terroristic” illegal immigrant after he was released into US

Officials said that the 29-year-old would remain in custody in the US without bond until he is able to be deported. — American Military News

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