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Immigration News Today: Immigrants Make Up Over 18% of Total US Population Growth

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New York

NYC expands 30-day stay limits to single adult migrants in DHS shelters

The new round of 30-day notices seeks to limit shelter stays for an expanding pool of migrants and to free up space for more migrants arriving New York. — The Gothamist

Floyd Bennett Field shelter site opens in Brooklyn, but many migrants stay away

Council Member Joann Ariola and Assemblyperson Jaime R. Williams are suing the city and state to block migrants from being housed at the site because of its location and unsatisfactory conditions. — The Gothamist

Hochul says N.Y. will not give state work permits to migrants: ‘I’m constrained by the law’

Governor Hochul withdrew the plan on Monday to issue state-approved work papers to migrants in New York, citing an inability to protect employers from federal criminal exposure, as thousands of asylum seekers face delays in obtaining federal work authorization. — New York Daily News

Washington D.C.

House to vote on Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas impeachment measure

The vote will not be on whether to impeach Mayorkas, but rather on a Democratic motion to kill a resolution from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene seeking to impeach Mayorkas. — ABC News

Around the U.S.

El Salvador slaps $1,130 fee on African, Indian travelers amid U.S. migration pressure

Aviation officials most passengers who have to pay the fee are headed to Nicaragua, a transit point for migrants coming to the U.S. — The Associated Press

Map the impact: immigrants make up over 18% of the total US population growth

The number of refugees and undocumented immigrants decreased by 6.4% and 9.2%, respectively, while DACA-eligible residents dropped by 27.3%. — Immigration Impact

They live near San Diego. Migrants pass through their back yards almost nightly

Residents along the Southern California border express frustration as a great number of migrants crosses their properties, prompting concerns about impacts on the local community, while some volunteers try to assist the migrants. — CNN

Opinion: No, immigrants aren’t ‘poisoning the blood of our country’

Trump’s proposed anti-immigration policies, including mass deportations and building camps, would be economically disastrous and undermine America’s historical identity as a nation built on immigration. — The New York Times

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