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Immigration News Today: Hochul Says NY Has Ended Pursuit of State Work Permits for Migrants

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New York

Hochul says NY has ended its pursuit of state work permits for migrants:

“I’m constrained by the law,” Hochul said at a news conference. “Pursuing it has led us to the conclusion that I cannot protect employers under this scenario.” — New York Daily News

Asian American Federation launches data portal for disaggregated data on Asian American population:

AAF says the data center aims to help researchers, policymakers, journalists, government, and service providers better understand and empower AAPI New Yorkers. — Check it out here

Around the U.S. 

OSHA rarely investigates small dairy farms, so many worker advocates don’t report deaths and injuries:

Records show OSHA offices said they couldn’t investigate 44 safety incidents on dairy farms, including deaths, injuries, complaints and referrals from local agencies such as medical examiner’s offices. — ProPublica

Allure of shrimping and crabbing life wanes for Vietnamese Americans in Texas:

Vietnamese refugees who settled along the Gulf Coast after the Vietnam War dreamed of selling their businesses to younger crews, but that doesn’t look likely as profit declines. — The New York Times

Migrant family journeys back to Venezuela, more leaving Chicago:

Many migrants who arrived in Chicago seeking a better life have been leaving in recent weeks due to lack of resources and opportunities. — Chicago Tribune

(Opinion) No, immigrants aren’t ‘poisoning the blood of our country’:

CUNY professor and columnist Paul Krugman writes that immigrants are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, and that former President Trump’s war on immigrants would be an economic disaster. — The New York Times

Washington D.C.

El Salvador slaps $1,130 fee on African, Indian travelers as Biden admin. pressures it on migration:

Since October, citizens of 57 largely African countries and India have had to pay the fee, which aviation officials say is an “airport improvement fee.” — AP News

House stalls impeachment of homeland security secretary over handling of immigration:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) had forced a vote to the floor through a rule that allows any single member to force a snap vote on resolutions, including constitutional matters such as impeachment. — NPR

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