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Documented Launches WeChat Official Account for Chinese Readers

Documented's WeChat official account "New York Immigrant Chronicle" has officially launched! Follow us to receive timely and important news about the immigrant community in NYC!

Dear readers,

We are pleased to announce the launch of our official WeChat account, “纽约移民记事网Documented (New York Immigrant Chronicle),” today! Maybe we are one of the dozens of WeChat official accounts you follow, but we are probably the most unique! 

I hope you’ll take three minutes to read this article, which will tell you why we, as a New York-based nonprofit news organization focused on immigrant communities and immigration policy, created our WeChat official account, what kind of stories and information it will bring you, and how your comments and feedback will help us better produce news content that is more relevant to your life and needs, and improve the quality of our news coverage.

The original purpose of setting up our WeChat public account is to deliver our news to our readers more effectively and to break the traditional mode of news, that is, the news media’s one-way delivery of information to the readers. We hope that through the WeChat platform, and our readers to establish a direct contact, we set up the “New York Immigrants Chronicle” WeChat user account. If you add docunyc by searching WeChat ID, you can directly talk to our Chinese journalists, and welcome to provide us with news clues, about what’s happening in your community. You can also put forward the issues you concern about or want to understand, we will research and report these issues for you to answer the questions, and hopefully lead to some positive changes to your life or your community. 

April Xu, Chinese Community Correspondent

The name of our news site is Documented, which is derived from the word “Document,” which includes the meanings of “record,” “file,” and so on. It is also a response to the term “undocumented” for undocumented immigrants in the United States. As a young news organization founded in 2018, we are dedicated to covering news related to New York’s immigrant communities and the regulations and policies that affect them. We cover a wide range of topics including immigration policy interpretation, labor rights, housing, health and safety, finance, and resources and services for immigrants. In our survey of over 900 Chinese immigrants in New York City last year, the “New York Immigrants Chronicle” was the most voted Chinese name that best fits our name “Documented”. This is where the name of the public account you see here comes from.

Initially, our website mainly offered coverage in English. However, we realized that many immigrants in the U.S. face language barriers that prevent them from accessing timely and effective information about important issues that matter to them, such as government resources and benefits, free legal aid, free English classes, employment information, and changes in immigration policies.

In order to better serve the immigrant community, we have, within our limited capacity and based on New York City’s census data, assembled a team of correspondents specializing in the Chinese, Hispanic and Caribbean immigrant communities to cover the news in English, Chinese, Spanish and Creole – we are the only news organization in New York to do so in four languages.

I’m sure you’ve gotten to know us better by now. We hope that the WeChat account will become a platform for two-way communication between us and our readers and an authoritative channel for you to get the information you want to know so that we can build an online community of Chinese immigrants in New York together.

As this WeChat official account is currently a service account, we will publish content four times a month, and we will select quality information for you. 

Scan the following QR code through WeChat, or search “纽约移民记事网Documented” to follow our official account. If you like it, please feel free to share and recommend it to your friends. Have a nice day!

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