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Immigration News Today: Legal Port of Entry Closed To Migrant Arrivals

Just have a minute? Here are the top stories you need to know about immigration. This summary was featured in Documented’s Early Arrival newsletter. You can subscribe to receive it in your inbox three times per week here.

New York

City Council budget report sees ways around Mayor Adams’ spending cuts:

The Council’s report suggests that in the short term, the city can avoid major cuts to services thanks to “stronger personal income, property, business and sales taxes” than the mayor’s office estimates. — The Gothamist

Tracking NYC’s record-high homeless shelter population:

Tracing the total number of people in shelter has only become more complicated as additional city agencies are providing more emergency lodging than ever before. — City Limits

Low prices and high hopes at a pop-up market on Randall’s Island:

Migrants at Randall’s Island have created a bustling market economy, adapting to changing demand and working to support themselves amid record-high shelter populations. — The New York Times

Around the U.S.:

To handle a surge of illegal crossings, border officials stop legal ones:

The closure of a port of entry in Lukeville, Arizona, has caused economic and personal disruptions for local residents. — The New York Times

Washington D.C:

Congressional Hispanic Caucus frustrated with the White House on immigration negotiations:

Democrats in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus demanded an “urgent” meeting with the White House over a week ago but it never happened. — NBC News

Biden and Congress are mulling big changes on immigration. What are they and what could they mean?

The discussions include humanitarian parole, asylum standards, and expedited removal. Republicans emphasize security threats, while Democrats argue against compromising protections for those in need. — ABC News

Senate immigration negotiators doubt they’ll get a deal to unlock Ukraine aid this week

Senators warn time is running out for an immigration deal, jeopardizing Biden’s aid package for Ukraine and Israel. — NBC News

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