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Immigration News Today: Immigrant Advocates Are Furious at Biden over Ukraine-Border Talks

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New York

‘His one move is to cut’: Adams admin. in hot seat over budget strategy:

Some say Adams’ multiple rounds of budget cuts is a blunt instrument and not the only option to close a gap in the budget. — City Limits

State bills propose safety initiatives for lithium-ion batteries:
State Sen. Iwen Chu introduced a package of four bills to regulate lithium-ion batteries in e-bikes, which have caused several deadly explosions. — News12 Brooklyn

Muslim migrants in New York find refuge in a Nigerian church:

As New York’s migrant crisis worsens, a small house church of just 30 people in Queens has welcomed more than 150 migrants. – Religion News Service

Mexican American Students’ Alliance aims to give migrant children a special NYC Christmas:

The student group says it’s focused on bringing joy to migrant children who may be spending their first Christmas in the city. –Bronx News 12

Around the U.S. 

Migrant children risk their lives building America’s roofs:

Young migrants put to work in one of the nation’s most dangerous jobs are falling and dying. New York Times

Some migrants in Massachusetts will be able to access SNAP benefits: 

Massachusetts lawmakers approved $6 million in funding to expand SNAP benefits to immigrants with legal status or those in the immigration process. — NBC Boston

USCIS updates family-based conditional permanent residence guidance:

The updates clarify eligibility, filing, and adjudication for Form I-751, and address termination of conditional permanent resident status. — USCIS

New Florida law blocks Chinese students from academic labs:

Students could be hired after passing a rigorous vetting by state officials, but it’s not clear how the process would work. — Science 

The other i-word angering voters across the western world:

From the U.S. to the U.K. to Australia, backlash is building against governments for failing to control immigration. – Wall Street Journal

Washington D.C.

“Freedom is on the line”: Biden, Zelenskyy push for Ukraine aid in joint news conference:

Even though Ukrainian President Zelenskyy visited, Congress appears to head into holiday recess without a resolution on the supplemental aid package backed by Biden. — ABC7 New York

Immigrant advocates are furious at Biden over Ukraine-border talks:

Immigration advocates blame the Biden administration for linking Ukraine aid to immigration, fearing it will lead to harsh immigration policies. — The Hill

Border policies under consideration could overwhelm system, DHS officials warn: Policies currently being discussed in Congress could potentially fill detention centers and halt apprehending migrants at the border, Homeland Security Department officials said. — NBC News

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