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Immigration News Today: Budget Watchdog Says Mayor’s Office is Inflating Costs of Migrant Care

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New York

NYC’s costs for migrants: Budget watchdog says it’ll sting less than forecast: 

New York City’s budget watchdog estimates that the costs of caring for migrants will be $6 to 7.8 billion over the next two years, which $4.8 billion less than the city forecasts. — Gothamist

Trio of NY lawmakers urge state to establish right to counsel for immigrants: 

Three NY lawmakers and advocates call for free legal counsel for detained or at-risk immigrants, seeking increased state funding and the passage of a right-to-counsel bill. — New York Daily News

D.A. Bragg announces guilty plea of Brandon Elliot for 2021 hate crime attack on Asian American woman: He is expected to be sentenced for 15 years in state prison, followed by 5 years of post-release supervision. — Manhattan District Attorney 

Around the U.S. 

Arizona’s National Guard to help with migrant influx at border: 

Arizona’s governor ordered the state’s National Guard to help manage migrant arrivals at the U.S.-Mexico border, claiming the federal government has refused to secure the border. — VOA News

Washington D.C.

Funding for Ukraine faces extreme demands in immigration talks:

The congressional negotiations include “policies that would cause irreparable harm to our immigration system and immigrant communities nationwide,” the American Immigration Council said. — Forbes

Latino Democrats shift from quiet concern to open opposition to Biden’s concessions in border talks: 

They blamed Biden for making concessions that they say eventually undermine the U.S.’ standing as a country that welcomes immigrants. — NBC 4 Washington

Parole policy remains sticking point in border deal negotiations:

Republicans argue the White House is abusing the parole system to let immigrants into the U.S. who otherwise wouldn’t have been admitted. — CBS News

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