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Immigration News Today: 5-Year-Old Migrant Boy Dies During Freezing Shelter Stay

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New York

Lawmakers seek more changes to NYC’s street vending rules:

NYC Council is considering lifting the cap on street vending licenses, following 2021 reforms, as vendors and advocates argue that the current system is broken. — City Limits

As holidays approach, migrants face eviction from New York City shelters:

Advocates express concerns about disrupting vulnerable families during the cold months, especially affecting schooling. — VOA News

Around the U.S.

Abbott signs law allowing Texas to arrest migrants, setting up federal showdown:

It will take effect in March, which could bring in mass arrests and a court fight between Texas and the federal government over immigration powers. — The New York Times

After mother’s cry for help and CPR, 5-year-old migrant boy dies during Chicago shelter stay

Staff said the discoloration of his lips was “probably because of the cold,” a police report said. — Chicago Tribune

Meth and cocaine dipped in jalapeño paste? 349 bags of drugs extracted, carefully, in San Diego:

Customs found nearly 2 tons of methamphetamine and cocaine that worth $10.4 million. — LA Times

Washington D.C.

Trump’s rhetoric in final campaign sprint goes to new dark extremes:

Trump’s claim that migrants are “poisoning the blood of our country” was condemned by the White House. — CNN

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