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Immigration News Today: Farm, Rail Companies Urge Reopening of US-Mexico Crossings

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New York

Adams exhorts New Yorkers to protest in Washington, D.C. for federal migrant funding:

“New Yorker must understand this is not an Eric Adams issue. This is a New York City issue,” Mayor Adams said. — The Gothamist

Adams, Dems in tough spot on immigration talk:

Mayor Eric Adams criticized Donald Trump’s immigration rhetoric while a Republican claimed they’re singing the same tune. — POLITICO

Around the U.S.

Farm, rail companies urge reopening of US-Mexico crossings shut over migrants:

“This has to come to an end,” said Tony Gonzales, a Republican representing Eagle Pass. “We need to have open trade and commerce again.” — Reuters

Texas legislator defends new law allowing police to arrest migrants who entered illegally:

“The law has become necessary because the Biden administration has failed and refused to secure our border and enforce federal immigration law,” said Texas Rep. David Spiller. — PBS News

Washington D.C.

Schumer and McConnell say Senate will take up immigration and national security package in the new year:

“Challenging issues remain, but we are committed to addressing needs at the southern border and to helping allies and partners confront serious threats in Israel, Ukraine and the Indo-Pacific,” the senators said in their joint statement. — CNN

Analysis: Senators are running out of time to strike a border deal:

Senators are struggling to reach a deal before Christmas, facing delays and disagreements over issues such as presidential power and migrant expulsion. — The Washington Post

U.S. faces “unprecedented” border surge as immigration deal stalls in D.C.:

The U.S. faces an “unprecedented” surge at the border, leading to closures of vital commercial rail crossings and an increasing number of migrants from a wider range of nations. — The Washington Post

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