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Immigration News Today: Justice Department Will Sue Texas Over State Immigration Law

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New York

More than 7,000 asylum seekers have arrived in NYC in last 2 weeks of December, mayor’s office says:

“I’m announcing an executive order requiring charter buses transporting migrants, those often contracted by the state of Texas, to provide 32-hour notice in advance of their arrival into New York City,” Mayor Eric Adams said. — CBS News

NJ mayor says buses of migrants bound for NY are being dropped off at NJ train stations:

This was part of the efforts to evade Mayor Adams’ order on how and when migrants can be dropped off, Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli said. — AP News

Around the U.S.

He killed his molester as a teenager. Should he be spared deportation?

After 13 years in prison in Massachusetts, Marco Flores is fighting deportation to El Salvador, where he hasn’t been since he was 6. — The New York Times

Mexico announces task force to deal with migrant surge at border after meeting with U.S. officials:

As part of the new taskforce, Mexico would regularly meet with countries in Central and Latin America, Mexico’s foreign affairs minister said. — ABC7 New York

More states extend health coverage to immigrants even as issue inflames GOP:

Eleven states and Washington, D.C., offer full health insurance coverage to over 1 million low-income immigrants regardless of their legal status. — NPR

Mexico, Venezuela resume repatriation flights amid U.S. pressure to curb migration:

The two countries are looking into implementing social and work programs for those repatriated to Venezuela. — PBS News Hour

Washington D.C.

Biden administration warns Texas it will sue if state implements strict immigration law:

“Because SB 4 is unconstitutional and will disrupt the federal government’s operations, we request that Texas forbear in its enforcement,” Principal Deputy Assistant Atty General Brian Boynton wrote. — CBS

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