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Immigration News Today: California Grants Undocumented Immigrants Health Insurance

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New York

Tourists enjoy vendor-free Brooklyn Bridge as ban goes into effect:

Mayor Eric Adams maintains that the ban is necessary to improve the flow of pedestrian traffic. — The Gothamist

(Opinion) NYC must lead on immigration:

New York City’s affordability crisis not the arrival of asylum seekers, is the true cause of the city’s financial conditions, and the city must focus on providing housing and work opportunities. — New York Daily News

Around the U.S.

“We are not equipped to deal with this”: Migrant surge overwhelms U.S. border:

Thousands of migrants are overwhelming the U.S.-Mexico border, leading to a humanitarian disaster and testing the capacity of American law enforcement. — The New York Times

More Americans think foreign policy should be a top U.S. priority for 2024, poll finds:

In America, 55% of Republicans and 22% of Democrats listed immigration as a priority in 2024. — Spectrum News NY 1

(FAQ) California offers undocumented immigrants health insurance:

California is the first state to offer state health insurance for all undocumented immigrants meeting eligibility requirements, expanding Medi-Cal to adults ages 26-49. — News Nation

Only 1% of newly arrived migrants in Chicago have received work permits so far, city data show:

USCIS had processed work permits and temporary protected status applications for only 1,480 new arrivals as of Dec. 29. — CBS News

Washington D.C.

Trump’s vows to deport millions are undercut by his White House record and one family’s story:

Trump “did say in 2016 he’d have the largest deportation program in history. He deported less than Barack Obama did when Barack Obama was president,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said. — The Associated Press

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