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Immigration News Today: The U.S. Senate Votes on Bipartisan Immigration Bill This Week

Just have a minute? Here are the top stories you need to know about immigration. This summary was featured in Documented’s Early Arrival newsletter. You can subscribe to receive it in your inbox three times per week here.

New York

Release of suspects accused of beating NYPD officers provokes outrage:

NYPD says the seven suspects are migrants who came to the city in the last year; some have arrest records since coming to the U.S. Six other suspects are being pursued. — NBC News

New York Republicans to Hochul: Send National Guard to the borders:

The Republicans say the state has the right to protect its citizens, even though immigration reform is a federal responsibility. — Spectrum News 1

Around the U.S. 

About 38,500 immigrants in detention, says ICE data:

The number of detained immigrants arrested by ICE increased to 10,955 as of Jan. 28, the highest since Biden took office; the number arrested by CBP stands at 27,543. — TRAC

“It’s political propaganda”: Eagle Pass residents frustrated by border standoff:

Local officials and residents in Eagle Pass, Texas, say they’re overwhelmed by both the rising number of migrants and the state’s response to the migrants. — NBC News

Washington D.C.

Federal government releases end of 2023 immigration enforcement statistics:

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona prosecuted 1,662 individuals for unauthorized entry and 190 for smuggling undocumented noncitizens in the fourth quarter of 2023. — United States Attorney’s Office

Immigration bill negotiators say they have a deal as Senate eyes votes this week:

The text of the bill will be released soon and votes on the Senate immigration bill and Ukraine-Israel aid package will begin this week, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said. — NBC News

ICE arrests 171 undocumented immigrants wanted for serious crimes:

Of the people arrested, 103 have been convicted or charged with assaulting children, including sexual assault, acting ICE Director Patrick Lechleitner said. — Spectrum News NY1

Trump-focused Texas border rally blends politics and religion:

At the rally, vendors sold merchandise promoting the Republican former president while conservative speakers touted conservative Christian values and criticized Biden’s border policies. — Reuters

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