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Immigration News Today: Senate Shares $118.3 Billion Border Bill

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New York

New York migrant arrivals change state budget proposal:

Migrants bused to New York from the southern border strains the social safety net and uprooting migrants, impacting the state’s budget proposal. — Spectrum News 1

New York, looking to boost work opportunities for migrants, relaxes some requirements:

Agencies may drop certain requirements, like verification of education level, previous jobs or English proficiency. — The Gothamist

Around the U.S.

“Take Our Border Back” vehicle convoy to rally near US-Mexico border:

Critics fear it will spark anti-immigration sentiment amid high numbers of migrant crossings. — Reuters

Mexican president suggests U.S. talks on migration and drugs may suffer after drug money allegations:

Mexico President Andrés Manuel López Obrador demanded U.S. officials to apologize for the so-called baseless allegations before collaborating to address immigration and drug issues. — Los Angeles Times

Washington D.C.

Many U.S. immigration fees set to jump in April with first significant changes in 7 years:

The new fees, which will take effect after April 1, affect applications for employment-based visas, work authorizations, permanent resident and naturalization. — NBC News

No one is happy about the border. We asked Mayorkas what went wrong:

“Fundamentally, we are working within a broken system, and Congress, most importantly, needs to pass legislation that fixes it,” said Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. — The New York Times

Senators release border deal to unlock Ukraine aid, but fate remains uncertain:

Senators released a $118.3 billion bill on Sunday to crack down on unlawful migration across the U.S. border with Mexico and speed critical security aid to Ukraine, but it faces an uphill path to enactment. — The New York Times

(Opinion) Another political failure on immigration:

President Biden’s readiness to sign a border deal to make it harder for migrants to enter the U.S. is a necessary step to restore confidence in immigration control. — The New York Times

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