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Immigration News Today: Trump Pushes Immigration Conspiracy Theories and Mass Deportations

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New York

Adams confirms ICE can operate in NYC after attack on NYPD officers:

Mayor Eric Adams said if migrants are found guilty of the beating, they should be deported. — ABC EyeWitness News

Adams asks NY lawmakers to shoulder half of migrant costs in Albany visit:

The city has projected it will spend at least $10.6 billion to support migrants by summer 2025, and the state has pledged about $2 billion. — NY Daily News

Hochul’s office says New York Republicans “have taken no action” to solve migrant crisis:

They “have taken no action to help address this national crisis, and in fact waited until this past week to even reach out to our administration,” wrote State Director of Operations Kathryn Garcia. — Gothamist

Plans to renovate Chinatown’s Kimlau Square reignite debate over neighborhood’s future: 

The $55 million plan has sparked local debate about neighborhood priorities, use of public space and aesthetics. — Gothamist

Around the U.S. 

At rally for border security in Texas, fears of ‘invasion’ and ‘civil war’:

A conservative convoy gathered on the Texas border to support the state’s defiant stance on immigration. — The New York Times

What’s going on at the border? A dramatic standoff between Texas and the White House:

Texas continues to erect razor wire along the border despite opposition from the Biden administration, leading to a standoff over control of the Texas-Mexico border. — USA Today

Washington D.C.

U.S. Senate releases security bill including Ukraine, Israel aid:

The deal entails a stricter and faster process for asylum-seekers to have their claims adjudicated, with those passing initial screening made eligible for work permits. — VOA News

Biden supports bipartisan Senate immigration bill:

The agreement “will make our asylum process fairer and more efficient while protecting the most vulnerable,” Biden writes. — The White House

Trump pushes immigration conspiracy theories and mass deportations:

He accused China of orchestrating illegal immigration and Latin American governments of picking criminals to send to the United States. — The New York Times

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