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Immigration News Today: NYC Adds Curfew at More Migrant Shelters After Violent Attacks

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New York

New York City imposing curfew at more migrant shelters following recent violent incidents:

NYC expands curfew to 20 migrant shelters following recent violent incidents, impacting 3,600 migrants, in response to rising migrant-related violence and crime. — VOA

Body-camera footage shows chaotic lead-up to Times Square brawl between police and migrants:

The confrontation escalates when one of the migrants, slowly walking away, said in Spanish: “They look like Ugly Betty.” — Border Report

Stalled legislation, mixed messages spotlight immigration as key election issue:

Despite measures discouraging migrants to come to New York, the city is also providing help like distributing debit cards for food. — VOA News

Around the U.S.

Migrants face cold, perilous crossing from Canada to New York:

Officials at the northern border recorded over 191,000 encounters with people crossing into the U.S. in 2023, a 41% increase from 2022. — The New York Times

Washington D.C.

“No allies left”: Dreamers, DACA recipients are left out amid rightward shift on immigration:

Dreamers and DACA recipients are excluded from bipartisan immigration proposals, despite widespread public support, leaving them in a precarious situation without legal status. — NBC News

What a second-term Trump immigration agenda might look like:

Trump seeks to cut legal immigration, which would fundamentally reshape U.S. immigration policy and potentially violate its Constitution. — NPR

Biden promises to hit Trump “every day” over southern border:

Biden shifts from defense to offense, blaming Trump and Republicans for the border crisis, hoping to turn legislative failure into a win for his reelection campaign. — USA Today

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