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Immigration News Today: What Does Being a Sanctuary City Mean for NYC?

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New York

What exactly is a sanctuary city and what does that mean for NYC?

The January brawl in Times Square has sparked a national debate over NYC’s sanctuary city policies, which limit cooperation between local and federal law enforcement. — The CITY

What does Tom Suozzi’s big win in NY-3 mean for November elections?

Tom Suozzi’s easy win chips away at the Republicans’ majority in the House ahead of the November elections. — The Gothamist

Around the U.S.

Migrants in Mexico have used CBP One app 64 million times to request entry into U.S.:

Nearly 450,000 migrants have been allowed into the U.S. under the process so far, internal federal government documents show. — CBS News

Washington D.C.

CBP releases January 2024 monthly update:

CBP reported a 50% decrease in migrant encounters along the southwest border in January 2024, attributing it to seasonal trends and enhanced enforcement efforts. — U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The potential impact of Trump’s extreme deportation and immigration agenda:

Donald Trump has proposed extreme immigration policies, including mass deportations, and would federalize the National Guard to carry out the plan.  — PBS News Hour

With the border deal dead, the money for border security might run out. Here’s what that would mean:

This will greatly impact the funding for ICE and USCIS; cities along the border and major democrat cities will suffer. — NBC News

Immigration reform has always been tough, and rarely happens in election years:

Immigration reform remains elusive in the 2024 U.S. presidential election because of partisan polarization, historical challenges, and lack of bipartisan agreement. — The Conversation

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