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Immigration News Today: Why Adams’ Plan to Give NYC Migrants Debit Cards Is Under Fire

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New York

Why New York’s plan to give migrants debit cards came under fire:

Conservatives ridiculed the plan, questioning the fairness of giving debit cards to recent migrants and shared concerns about the program being abused. — The New York Times

Around the U.S.

Texas spent nearly $1 million on four flights for migrants, records show:

Texas spent over $845,000 flying migrants to New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, part of a $148 million initiative to transport migrants out of border communities. — KERA News

El Paso leaders rally around Annunciation House after Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s threat to shut it down:

Annunciation House operates several shelters in El Paso, providing food, housing and legal help to immigrants and refugees experiencing homelessness. — KSAT

Border Patrol releases hundreds of migrants at a bus stop after San Diego runs out of aid money:

Migrants are now left on the street instead of a reception center as aid groups scrambled to help out as best they could. — USA Today

Arizona sector becomes No. 1 hotspot for migrant crossings, despite border walls and treacherous terrain:

Border Patrol recorded more than 250,000 migrant apprehensions in the Tucson sector in the first four months of fiscal year 2024, federal government statistics shows. — CBS News

Washington D.C.

Biden and Trump to visit US-Mexico border on same day this week:

Biden to visit US-Mexico border amid immigration policy changes, setting up a split screen with Trump, who has made immigration a centerpiece of his reelection effort. — CNN

(Opinion) The U.S. must support refugees or end policies perpetuating their misery:

US legislative proposals linked aid to Israel and Ukraine with heightened border security measures, making it harder for asylum seekers to enter the country. — The Hill0

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